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1-on-1 Coaching Program (by Tomislav Tomic)


For Empaths! Turn Your High Sensitivity Into an Effective Tool for Creating Desired Change πŸš€

Are you an empath eager to unleash your unique empathic gifts?

Are you ready to turn your high sensitivity into a superpower and manifest the profound change you desire in a specific area of your life?

Look no further because this program is tailor-made just for empaths like you.


✡ ✷ ✡

Here’s the deal:

🌟 You want to focus on a specific aspect of your high sensitivity that’s been challenging you lately. 🌟 You’re ready to deepen your self-awareness and create ideal conditions for your personal growth. 🌟 You’re determined to make your high sensitivity your partner on your path to meaningful change. 🌟 You’ve tried common personal development tools but felt they don’t quite reach the core of your needs. 🌟 Reading books and articles about high sensitivity just isn’t cutting it anymore. 🌟 You’re all about action now.



This program offers a unique blend of classic coaching models and empath-specific methods to help you unlock your empath’s superpower and manifest the change you deeply desire, focusing on a specific area of your life. πŸš€

​I’ve been coaching empaths like you since 2009, and my methods are based on practical experience. I understand that you’re ready for change, and philosophy alone won’t cut it at this stage of your life. I am here to help you embrace your high sensitivity and make it work for you. Unleash your empathic superpowers with a coach who truly understands your path.

Are you ready to transform your life and unlock your empath’s

Join me on this transformational journey, and let’s make it happen together! πŸ’ͺ

GENERAL INFO: Duration: Ten weeks. 🌟Price: 1500,00 € (euros) / β‰ˆ 1620 USD. 🌟 Coaching sessions (10x) take place online via Zoom (video). 🌟 The duration of each coaching session is 75 minutes. 🌟This package also includes e-mail support between sessions.


Coaching sessions take place online via Zoom or Skype (video). The duration of each coaching session is 75 minutes. This package also includes e-mail support between sessions.

On average, we meet once a week over a ten-week period. It’s recommended to take at least 5 days between sessions to practice the methods learned.

Click HERE to check my availability for our first coaching session. After you make a payment, you can schedule an appointment with me – click HERE. After that I’ll send you a short questionnaire. It’ll take you only 5 minutes to fill it out.