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Light Body Activation; Free Guided Meditation

Allow your Light Body to guide you through the journey of transformation, for it holds the key to unlocking your true potential and transcending all limitations!

Welcome to Light Body Activation Meditation 🙂


Your Light Body is actually a part of you, but on a higher frequency level – the 5D level. If you consider yourself a multidimensional being, your Light Body represents your 5D identity. It’s the gateway to your soul and to the higher realms of consciousness. You can also look at your Light Body as a wise guide who knows you deeply and can help you to express yourself fully. 

Activating your Light Body essentially means increasing the presence of its unique frequency or core vibration in your energy field so that you can align more with your soul, your innate creative power and the mission you came here for.

And that is exactly what this guided meditation is all about.