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The Nestioo Method – Level 1

Level up your vibration!

The Nestioo Method is an easy-to-follow system designed to help you tap into fifth dimensional consciousness, discover your soul’s blueprint, release blocked energy from your energy bodies and awaken your Light Body.

The basis of the method is using the Nestioo symbol in combination with energy work. The Nestioo symbol creates a portal for energy transmission between your fifth-dimensional Light Body and your energy fields, creating a strong link between them. This enables you to experience expanded states of consciousness that bring clarity, new ideas, energy and insights.


THE FIFTH DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS – What is fifth dimensional consciousness, how it differs from third and fourth dimensional consciousness and why more and more people are able to experience it.

LIGHT BODY – What is your Light Body (your fifth dimensional energy body) and how to connect with it using the Nestioo symbol. Connecting with your Light Body opens a gateway to your soul’s unique potential and helps you raise your vibration.

SYMPTOMS OF LIGHT BODY AWAKENING – Gain a deeper understanding of the most usual physical, mental and emotional symptoms of Light Body awakening and how to deal with them in your daily life.

SOUL’S BLUEPRINT – Discover your soul’s blueprint and download it into your energy fields. Learn how to unpack it and put it into action. Your soul’s blueprint is your innate unique pattern for who you’re meant to be and how you were created to express yourself.

CO-CREATE WITH 5D ENERGY- Learn how to create by using fifth-dimensional energy and the Nestioo symbol.

NESTIOO DIAMOND PROCESSING – Cleanse your energy fields of dense energies that prevent you from living your soul’s purpose. Process negative patterns and outdated energies that are holding you back (and recognize the right time to process them).

NESTIOO TRIANGLE PROCESS – Learn how to gain deep insights into your soul’s lessons.