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Why Empaths Can’t Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

… And What They Can Actually Do About it

By Tomislav Tomic

Ebook formatted like a blog post.

Why Empaths Can’t Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy… And What They Can Actually Do About it / By Tomislav Tomic

Dear reader,


If you’re an empath, you probably noticed early in your life how your body or energy field behaves like a sponge that automatically absorbs energy from the environment. You probably noticed that not only can you clearly feel the emotions of the people you’re talking to, but you also tend to experience and process those emotions as if they were your own – especially if they’re emotions like fear, worry, or helplessness.

What’s even more interesting is that this happens not only when you absorb other people’s energy or emotions but also with various other energies you come into contact with.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?


For a long time I struggled with “absorbing other people’s energy.” I tried in various ways to rid myself of this strange “handicap” – a handicap for which there was no diagnosis, and I had no one to confide in who really understood what I was going through. The more I tried to free myself from the grip of “absorbed energy,” the more I felt like sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand.

As a result, I began to believe that I was doomed to be completely antisocial and could never do a job where I dealt intensely with people.

But even that wouldn’t be a real problem if it weren’t for the fact that jobs where I deal with people are the most attractive to me. And this made me feel very uncomfortable and like I was trapped inside strange invisible walls.

One day, however, I just got tired of playing the “poor and misunderstood me” game and decided to do something concrete instead of spending the rest of my life hiding and running away from people.

Deep down, I’ve always felt that the Universe supports courageous people and that courage is actually the most important prerequisite for personal growth. After all, all knowledge and experience is useless if you aren’t able to take the “leap into the unknown” when you feel it’s the right time.

And so I decided to embark on the journey of self-discovery, to take the plunge into uncharted waters and put at risk my “hidden and protected” microcosm in which I lived, in order to fully explore what actually happens inside me when I absorb other people’s energy or various other energies from the environment.


Initially, I started experimenting spontaneously, without knowing where, what, or how to do it. I followed my sense of freedom. Sometimes, for example, I deliberately extended my interactions with people whose extremely dense energy automatically triggered (or made me feel) a strong sense of anxiety and depression in me. I willingly let this dense energy to fill me and penetrate me deeply. Instead of trying to get rid of it, I simply observed its “life of its own.” I repeated this process in places where I experienced something similar.

Although I often felt completely alone on this journey because there was no one to share my experiences and challenges with, I can now clearly see how the Universe provided different kinds of “helpers” at critical moments.

The journey to find out why I was absorbing other people’s energy took much longer than I thought it would. But eventually the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

And you know what?

It was worth it.

Today, absorbing other people’s energies is no longer an issue for me. Although my energy system still functions as it used to – eagerly absorbing all kinds of energies from my surroundings – it no longer bothers me. On the contrary, it’s exactly what allows me to experience life in the most natural way for me. Without it, I’d feel incomplete.

Therefore, I’d like to draw your attention to the phenomenon of “absorbing other people’s energies” and explain to you why you cannot avoid this process as an empath and what is really behind it – because absorbing other people’s energies isn’t a problem in itself.And I mean that literally.

Are you ready to find out?

Okay …


First, let’s briefly look at why empaths can’t stop absorbing other people’s energy (and various other energies from their environment).

Technically, there are two reasons for this…

The first reason, which we’ll briefly discuss today, is closely related to PROCESSING the necessary information.

And the second reason, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in the program, is closely related to COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION.

Let’s start with the first reason…


The first important fact when it comes to absorbing other people’s energy is that you can’t stop doing it and can’t protect yourself from it. You’re an empath, and that’s simply how your energy system works, and it’s actually your most natural way of processing the information from your environment.

Let me explain…

We have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. We use these five senses to obtain important information about our surroundings and the people we interact with. We normally refer to the use of these five senses as sensory perception.

However, what makes empaths unique is their extrasensory perception.

In short, this means that in addition to the usual five senses, empaths have a few more, let’s call them “senses,” and are able to perceive and directly experience energies that cannot be perceived and directly experienced with the usual five senses.

This is, for example, the feeling when you’re talking to someone and inexplicably know that the person isn’t telling the truth – and later, it turns out that you were right. If you focused only on what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched during the conversation with your usual senses – so I’m talking about sensory perception – you’d have no reason to doubt the person. However, thanks to your extrasensory perception, you’re able to “extract” additional information from the energy field of the person you were talking to. This can be a vague feeling of uneasiness or something similar that remains during or shortly after the conversation with this person. But such a feeling cannot be justified by your usual logic based on sensory perception. And that is exactly one of the ways we get information through extrasensory perception.

Speaking of extrasensory perception, it’s important to emphasize that empaths aren’t the only ones with extrasensory abilities. Most people have some form of intuition and are able to receive information beyond sensory perception. For empaths, however, this is an everyday experience, and the amount of information they receive via extrasensory perception is significantly greater than non-empaths – and sometimes much more than they actually need.

Does this make sense to you?


Here is another example… just in case.

Imagine you enter a room, and a few minutes before you arrive, those present are engaged in a heated argument, exchanging insults. Even though no one was in the room when you entered, you could probably sense the ongoing tension in the environment thanks to your extrasensory perception. You may have no idea who was in the room or what was happening there.

However, if you’re an empath, as soon as you enter the room, you’ll probably feel an unusual sensation in your body that comes on quickly and without a sensible or logically justifiable cause, along with a feeling of dense and uncomfortable energy.

But why am I mentioning this?

Because there is another important detail that ties the whole puzzle together…


If you’re an empath, you’re bound to be a very analytical person, and subtle details play an important role in your decision-making process. Honestly, I don’t know any empath who doesn’t tend to over-analyze things and experiences and get hung up on the smallest details and “details of details” (and I’ve been working with empaths since 2009).

So to feel like you’re getting all the subtle details (and details of details) about the people you’re interacting with, or your environment in general, you need a lot more information than what you can gather with your five usual senses.

In other words: If you rely only on sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, you’ll feel that you’re missing important information, and you’ll unconsciously try to gain additional relevant insights through extrasensory perception.

However, in order to process the information you receive through extrasensory perception and to gain further relevant insights from it, you must first absorb this energy into your energy field.

To understand this better, imagine a blender that you use to extract nutrients from fruits, for example. So you can only extract nutrients from fruits that you put in the blender. In the same way, you can only gain relevant extrasensory insight from the energy that you have previously absorbed into your energy field.

I hope this makes sense to you.


So, please keep in mind that as an empath, you can’t stop absorbing other people’s energy. You cannot stop this process by sheer willpower, a golden energy shield, a magic sword, elaborate methods of “psychic self-defense,” or the like.

And why?

Because anything that prevents you from absorbing other people’s energy automatically prevents you from receiving the necessary information from your environment or about the people you interact with. (I)

Of course, it’s possible to completely shut off communication with the outside world and thus stop absorbing other people’s energy.

But imagine an empath, who is usually also a “mini-control freak” (although they may not appear that way on the outside), having to navigate life and make important decisions while internally feeling like they’re missing crucial information about the situations that require decisions.

That can’t work, right?

And that’s why you absorb energies around you like a sponge – through extrasensory means – because that’s your most natural way of getting important information from your environment – and you do it automatically. Otherwise, you feel like you’re missing something important.


And now, let’s tackle the real problem behind absorbing other people’s energy.

Many empaths simply don’t like the consequences of absorbing other people’s energy because it often leaves them feeling drained and burdened.

However, it’s important to understand that absorbing other people’s energy isn’t the real problem. As I mentioned earlier, it’s merely a PRECONDITION to receive important information in an extrasensory way.

The real problem and the cause of the feeling of heaviness in your body or the feeling of exhaustion, or as if a tank had run over you, or as if an elephant had sat on you, or as if someone or something had completely sucked you dry, isn’t primarily the fact that you have absorbed other people’s energy into your body or energy field. It’s the fact that you’re holding onto that energy much longer than you should.

So the uncomfortable feeling you often feel after absorbing other people’s energy isn’t caused primarily by the act of absorption itself. It’s caused by the CONTRACTION within your energy field that you unconsciously create because you believe it protects you from absorbing even more energy.


Let me clarify …

There is a beautiful thought in A Course in Miracles that we’ll be covering in this (EHSP Coach) program, and it is:


A Course in Miracles

And why does this have anything to do with the topic of our discussion?

Because your unconscious attempt to protect yourself from the energy you have absorbed from others is, in essence, the only real problem in this story.

By contracting your energy field to “defend” yourself from absorbing even more energy, you’re inflicting pain and discomfort on yourself. Or, in the sense of A Course in Miracles, you’re attacking yourself.

In other words, your own defense is attacking you. Your own CONTRACTION is crushing you and creating the need to flee from everything and everyone.

Does this make sense to you?


Isn’t it wonderful to realize that we have complete control over absorbing other people’s energy?

Isn’t it wonderful to understand that it’s only our insufficient knowledge of this phenomenon creates this uncomfortable feeling?

Isn’t it wonderful FINALLY! to realize that there is a concrete solution for it?


Simply put, first, you absorb the energy and then extract the information from it, which happens automatically.

Then comes the third important step. In short, it’s about releasing the excess energy from your field after you have “extracted” (read: received) the necessary information.

The key, as I already mentioned, is to understand that you don’t have to keep the absorbed energy in your field forever. Energy contains information within itself, and you only need to extract the necessary information from it and then release it from your energy field.

However, if you wait too long to release the absorbed energy after you have received the necessary information and instead contract your energy field (as soon as you realize that you have absorbed someone else’s energy), you have a problem.

And why?

Because the absorbed energy accumulates in your energy system and creates a feeling of heaviness or discomfort in your body.

To make things even more interesting, the absorbed energy becomes part of your personality if it stays in your field long enough. In the context of this program (EHSP Coach), we call this “chronically absorbed energy.”

One more thing…

It’s also important to know that chronically absorbed energy that is in your energy field never really rests but, like a living thing, is constantly looking for “food” to survive and grow. Most of the time, it “feeds” on your energy and sometimes on the energy of other people who willingly open their energy to you – usually other empaths. There’s nothing unusual about that, right? Every time you react under its influence, you continue to “feed” it. The longer it lives in your field, like the roots of a tree, the deeper it penetrates the pores of your energy system, draining you of more and more energy. And its influence on your life becomes stronger and stronger.

I hope this makes sense to you – at least intuitively.


So the solution isn’t for you to stop absorbing other people’s energy because then you’d feel deprived of important information. As I mentioned earlier, the problem isn’t that you absorb other people’s energy, but that your energy field contracts afterwards.

 In other words, the problem lies in your own “defenses” attacking you. Or, as it says in A Course in Miracles, “IF I DEFEND MYSELF I AM ATTACKED.” The solution is to stop preventing your energy system from doing the work it’s fully “capable and equipped” to do.

Your energy system already has the knowledge it needs to absorb energy, collect information from it, and release the excess.

That’s why in the EHSP Coach Program we pay special attention to absorbing other people’s energy. With a deeper understanding based on a combination of theory and practical exercises, you’ll learn, among other things, several concrete techniques for releasing absorbed energy (both acute and chronic) that you can apply in different situations throughout the day, and how to quickly “extract” important information from absorbed energy.

You’ll also learn how to activate and use the symbol “OOADO” (the 5D symbol specifically designed to assist you in releasing absorbed energy that has been stuck in your field and that you may have held onto for years). You’ll learn to “infuse” it into your energy field to enhance your ability to process it effectively and release it immediately after you have “extracted” the information you need.

For more information about this program and other solutions designed specifically for empaths, click HERE.

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