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In times when things get out of hand, or we urgently need help to put out the “fire,” it is common to seek solace in higher levels of consciousness. And that’s perfectly fine.

However, if turning to a higher consciousness only occurs in moments of “fires” (read: crisis), a subtle “code” gets embedded into your energy field. This code unconsciously attracts problems and life drama each time you intend to interact more deeply and intensely with higher states of consciousness.

In other words, the “fire” becomes your “go-to experience” for accessing higher levels of consciousness. Or, from a slightly different perspective, it becomes your habitual pathway to accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Of course, I am not claiming that this is the only cause of our “fires.” However, if we take into account the inherent human need to connect with higher levels of consciousness – and each of us has such a need – there is a good chance that many “fires” in your life are triggered by this particular “code” in your field.


So, how can you check if you have such a “code” in your field and how big it is?

It’s simple…

There’s a straightforward test…

Still intrigued?

Alright 🙂

Check how much time you spend connecting and interacting with the higher consciousness when everything is running smoothly and you don’t need help “from above.”

And that’s it. There’s no need to analyze it further or try to figure it out in any other way. 


So, what can you do if you realize you have such a “code” and want to change it?

First, take a look at the Nestioo method. It works directly with the subtle energy patterns in our field (read: “codes”) and can help you process the “codes” that no longer serve you.

Additionally, now that you are aware of this phenomenon, paying more attention to it will help you redefine your relationship with your higher consciousness.

You can also explore it further by asking yourself questions like this:

  • What is my primary view of the higher levels of consciousness and their role in my life?
  • Where and when did I adopt this view?
  • Was it my conscious decision, or did I simply accept it without questioning it?
  • What prevents me from incorporating higher consciousness in moments of ease and self-sufficiency?
  • Who has not taught me to share my joyful moments with the higher levels of consciousness?
  • Who hasn’t helped me make a habit of including the higher levels of consciousness in my daily interactions about everyday things?