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Are you ready to free yourself from the heavy, dense, and low-vibe energy that you have “absorbed” from other people and your environment?

The Ooado method can help!

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Ooado method:

What is the Ooado method and what is it used for?

The Ooado method is a practical and innovative way to release heavy, dense, and low-vibe energy that you have “absorbed” from other people or your environment. The method was developed especially for empaths and highly sensitive people.

If you are an empath, you probably already know that your body works like a sponge and constantly absorbs energy from your environment – including the emotions of other people. For you, this is not just a feeling, but a fact that you can clearly feel in your body.

Your need for a deeper understanding of everything that is happening around you often requires an additional energetic connection with your environment. You are not satisfied with the information you receive through tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing alone. You long for deeper insights and connections that go beyond the boundaries of the sensory world. That’s why it is important to understand that you often need to literally “soak up” the energy of your surroundings to get all the information you need.

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However, this “absorption” of energy can become overwhelming. That is why there is the Ooado method – it helps you to free yourself from the heavy, dense, and negative energies you have absorbed.

With this method, you will feel lighter and better prepared for whatever life has in store for you. Think of it as a refreshing shower for your energy field!

What is the essence of the Ooado method?

All the processes that make up the Ooado method are based on the activation of the Ooado symbol and the so-called “forms” associated with it. Essentially, it is about enabling your Light Body to release the energy you have absorbed from other people and the environment in general from your field. 

Some processes are aimed at releasing acutely absorbed energy, while others go deeper and are aimed at releasing chronically absorbed energy and so-called absorbed seed patterns. There are also specific processes that increase the ability of your energy field to process absorbed energy.

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Acutely absorbed energy: Energy from the environment that we absorb at a certain moment and immediately feel in our body. It is present in our personal energy field but has not yet merged with it.

Chronically absorbed energy: Energy that we as empaths unconsciously absorb from the people around us and allow to remain in our energy field for much longer than necessary. In contrast to acutely absorbed energy, which is not yet “rooted” in our energy field, chronically absorbed energy has already found its way into our energy field. It has somehow already CONNECTED with our energy field and found its permanent place in it.

Absorbed seed patterns: A particular type of chronically absorbed energy that has not only CONNECTED with our energy field and found a permanent place in it, but has literally integrated itself into our personality and become a permanent part of the “image” we have of ourselves. Click HERE to learn more about absorbed seed patterns.

Special processes that are an essential part of the Ooado method

OOADO RAPID – a process for the rapid release of absorbed energies, suitable for moments when you are busy with other tasks.

OOADO SHOWER – a refreshing ritual to wash away absorbed energies and unwind after a stressful day.

OOADO ENERGY FIELD CONDITIONER – supercharging your energy field’s ability to process absorbed energy.

OOADO ENERGY REMOVER – removing “detached patterns” from your own energy field.

OOADO LASER TAG – exploring the quality of the energy you absorb from certain people (or places) under controlled conditions and with adjusted dynamics.

OOADO DANCE RELEASE – releasing (acute and chronic) absorbed energy through dance.

And various others.

==> Click HERE to find out more about the Ooado symbol and how it came about.

What is the Light Body?

The Light Body is a part of you, but on a higher frequency level – the 5D level. It is an aspect of your consciousness that vibrates at a significantly higher frequency level than usual. Think of it as your personal energy field on a higher frequency level – the 5D level.

==> Click HERE for more information about the Light Body.

Where can I learn the Ooado method?

You can learn the Ooado method as part of the EHSP Coach program – EHSP Coach: For empaths and highly sensitive people. Learn approaches and methods to turn high sensitivity into a superpower! Practitioner and Certified Coach Versions!

Or you can learn it by working 1-on-1 with me.

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