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Are you ready to embark on a journey into the realm of 5D consciousness? Are you ready to transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception and tap into the limitless potential of your Light Body? Would you like to improve your interaction with your Light Body by using the symbols Nestioo and Ooado? Read on if your answer is positive.

Short answers…

Nestioo and Ooado symbols; what are they used for?

To increase our interaction with our Light Body and 5D energy in general.

How did they come about?

In a very unusual way.

What is the Light Body?

It is actually part of you, but on a higher frequency level – the 5D level.

What’s the main function of the Light Body?

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A slightly longer answer…


A few years ago, while meditating, I had the experience of being taken on a “journey” into a world that initially reminded me of scenes from science fiction films.

I had no idea who this someone was who was guiding me into this unusual world, explaining to me like a city tour guide what I was seeing around me and gently pointing out certain details. I clearly sensed that it was a very warm, friendly, and gentle energy. It felt very familiar to me, although I couldn’t understand where this feeling was coming from.

The “journeys” I have mentioned happened spontaneously and without a predictable time pattern. Out of sheer curiosity, I tried several times to consciously “enter” this unusual world, but without success. In any case, I decided not to draw any conclusions from these experiences. I had a good feeling and just let things take their natural course.

Over time, such “journeys” became more frequent and more dynamic. It was as if I discovered new layers of reality with each encounter with this unusual dimension.


What particularly fascinated me was that during these “journeys” everything I heard and saw seemed completely real and tangible, just like my laptop where I am writing this, the cup of coffee next to it, and the relaxing music playing in the background. It was as if I was really there – in the truest sense of the word. When the “journey” ended, I clearly felt that I had returned to my normal state of consciousness.

However, the difference between the state of consciousness during the “‘journey’ and the moment I returned was so obvious that I often had the feeling that I had only been dreaming. But how can it be explained that this “dream” appeared quite regularly in episodes such as series on Netflix – and for several months in a row? That’s not typical of a dream, is it?


After only a few months, I realized that these “journeys” were taking place in the frequency range of reality commonly referred to in modern metaphysics as the 5D level (or 5D consciousness) and that the “high technology” my “5D tour guide” was insisting on was my Light Body.

Essentially, the Light Body is the name for an aspect of our consciousness that vibrates at a significantly higher frequency level than our ordinary state of consciousness. It is indeed a part of you but on a higher frequency level. Let’s call it your personal energy field at a higher frequency level – usually referred to as the 5D level.


I was already familiar with the idea of the Light Body before my “journeys”. In 2001 I took part in a meditation course that dealt with the Light Body. I had also read some literature on the subject. But the perspective I gained during my “journeys” was quite different from anything I had read before.

During these “journeys,” it was as if I was inside the Light Body, exploring the vast “information network” that makes it up (at least that’s how it seemed to me). I often felt like I was on a sightseeing train that slowly took me through the different stations of my Light Body while my tour guide pointed out the different centers/nodes (Aku, Sent, etc.) and explained their function as well as their connection to my mental, emotional and physical energy field.

Just as there are hundreds of different energy centers (chakras) in our (3D) energy field, thousands of meridians/nadis, nodes through which they connect to our energy centers, and portals through which the subtle energy from the meridians/nadis interacts with our body cells and nervous system, there is also complex anatomy in our Light Body.


I found it particularly interesting to observe various “portals” through which the interaction between my 5D field (Light Body) and myself takes place on the physical level. It was as if I was observing my energy field and the different “sections” within it from the level of my Light Body, the subtle energy patterns within it, and how these patterns behave in different situations.


By the way, when we generally think or talk about subtle and invisible energies or energy patterns, we often perceive them as something abstract. We usually talk about them in the language of emotions and use abstract formulations to describe them.

From the perspective of my “5D city tour train”, however, there is no abstraction when it comes to subtle energies and energy patterns. Everything is very concrete and clearly defined. It’s about very specific codes, an “infrastructure” in which they are located, channels through which they run and interact with other codes.

In other words, this subtle and invisible energy is full of concrete information. It is not just a sensation, but a hub of information. As soon as our energy field “overlaps” with another person’s field, the automatic mutual “reading” of information from the field is immediately activated.

Any kind of interaction with someone automatically triggers the exchange of information from our field and the field of the person we are interacting with – especially when we are in a more intense interaction with that person. For example, it is no coincidence that you feel repelled or attracted to someone just because you are near them without exchanging a single sentence.

This applies not only to humans but also to the plant and animal world, the mineral world, and our interaction with higher levels of consciousness. This is exactly why some people, for example, regularly feel that they are actually communicating with their pets or the plant world – even if it is difficult to describe the exact language of communication.


In the course of time, which lasted about two years, the whole story became more and more interesting to me. The questions I asked became more and more concrete, and I increasingly felt the need to find a way to apply this new knowledge in everyday life.

I also began to receive information that allowed me to consciously interact with this unusual world, even when I was not on a “journey”. Until then, if I had tried to consciously enter this unusual world, absolutely nothing would have happened.


One of these “more concrete” information was the OOADO symbol. In short, it is a symbol, and a set of methods of integrating it into our energy field in different ways, to facilitate the cleansing of our field from the energy we “absorb” from others (and from the environment in general). In other words, it is a powerful tool to cleanse our energy field of the energy we absorb from others and the world around us.

It is very difficult to open up and maintain a channel for connection with energies from higher levels of consciousness when our energy field is overloaded with energies that we absorb from our environment on a daily basis (this is especially true for empaths). Certain methods of integrating the OOADO symbol into our field also make it more fluid and increase its capacity so that we can process any energy it receives more quickly and efficiently.

First I “received” the symbol and information about the basic way to activate it. After experimenting with it for a while, I received information on many different ways to activate it. As someone who tends to absorb different energies from his environment like a sponge (which has significantly hindered my interaction with people), the OOADO symbol was a real discovery for me.

I had promised myself to keep my “journeys” to myself, but I was having a hard time sticking to that decision. I felt like I’d be depriving some clients of something if I didn’t share the Ooado symbol and the different ways to use it. I quickly broke my promise to myself and started offering it to highly sensitive clients who struggled with absorbing others’ energy.

Most of the clients I introduced the basic application of the Ooado symbol to responded fantastically to it. That’s why I’ve included it in my EHSP Coach program since 2022, which is made exclusively for empaths and highly sensitive people (and those who want to specialize as a coach for empaths and highly sensitive people).

In addition to the basic activation of the Ooado symbol, many specialized processes are tailored to different needs.

For example:

  • OOADO SHOWER – a refreshing ritual to wash away absorbed energies and unwind after a stressful day.
  • OOADO ENERGY FIELD CONDITIONER – supercharging your energy field’s ability to process absorbed energy.
  • OOADO ENERGY REMOVER – removing “detached patterns” from your own energy field.
  • OOADO LASER TAG – exploring the quality of the energy you absorb from certain people (or places) under controlled conditions and with adjusted dynamics.
  • OOADO DANCE RELEASE – releasing (acute and chronic) absorbed energy through dance.
  • And various others.


After the OOADO symbol, the Nestioo symbol appeared before me during a “journey” (this all happened in a similar time frame). I was told that I could use it freely if I wanted to explore the various portals and hubs in my Light Body and generally engage more consciously with my Light Body and 5D energy.

Although the Light Body primarily responds to our intention (as do our physical, emotional, and mental fields), we have only been able to interact directly with this part of ourselves on a collective level for about 30 years.

However, with few exceptions, the generations born before 2012 don’t have a built-in “infrastructure” in their energy field that allows for sufficient information exchange with their Light Body and the 5D energy.

This is precisely the purpose of the Nestioo symbol (including its various “forms” used after activation), which acts as a “bridge” allowing a freer exchange of information with our Light Body and with the 5D plane in general.

Imagine a computer that represents our energy field, and we connect it to a 4G internet network. At the time when the computer was built, the 4G network was the only option available. However, now we have a 5G network, which the computer cannot connect to because it lacks the necessary settings. In this context, the Nestioo symbol and its associated forms act like a modem, allowing us to connect to the 5G network. Although this analogy is simplistic, I hope it makes the point clearer.

In speaking about this topic, I find it important to emphasize that in many cases, though not all, the generations born after 2012 have an inherent energy field infrastructure that allows them to interact more smoothly with their Light Body and the 5D level of consciousness in general. Simply put, many of them are already equipped to connect directly to the 5G internet network to extend the analogy to the 4G and 5G networks.


The concept of the Light Body was already discussed by the ancient Egyptians, who mostly used the term “Merkaba” for it. However, only exceptional people who devoted themselves entirely to their spiritual development after years of disciplined training were able to experience interaction with their Light Body in the way we can today without any particular effort.

The main reason for this is that planet Earth is undergoing a kind of transformation of its own and the integration of 5D energy and high-frequency patterns from the 5D level is the next step in Earth’s evolution. It’s no coincidence that there has been a greater leap in technological development in the last 100 years than in all of recorded history. It’s no coincidence that more and more people are receiving channeled messages from higher levels of consciousness dealing with similar issues. It’s no coincidence that more and more people are opening up to different spiritual paths and practices. It’s no coincidence that traditions are increasingly “falling away” and making room for the development of individual consciousness – which is a necessary prerequisite for activating one’s own Light Body and integrating higher “5D codes” into one’s own energy field.


Let’s go back to the Nestioo symbol…

For a while, I just observed and did nothing, because the idea of interacting with the Light Body and the 5D energy seemed quite abstract to me. But during my “journeys,” it kept popping up in my perception. Not only did it show up regularly, but each time I had the impression that someone was telepathically explaining to me how to use the symbol, how to activate it, what energies the different activation methods of the symbol trigger, how it all affects my field, and much more.

I realized that each new “journey” was a kind of upgrade for the database that was forming in me. Instead of a mere “sightseeing” as I had initially perceived them, the “journeys” developed more and more in the sense that I was presented with different images and scenarios and at the same time explained how I could download different high-frequency codes (read: information and patterns) from the 5D level and gradually activate them in my energy field.

I have been told on several occasions that the new high-frequency energies that will inevitably be more and more present on Earth will lead certain people to take advantage of this unique moment in human history and embark on a path of accelerated personal and spiritual development. Of course, no one will force them to do so, but the new energy will awaken in them an intense desire to contribute to the process of collective awakening (in various ways). They will feel the need to accelerate their journey by intensely going through inner processes that they know they have to go through anyway. And these same people will feel a particular attraction to the idea of activating the 5D codes in their energy field.


As time went on, the whole story somehow became clearer to me and the pieces slowly fell into place. However, I still felt that I lacked clarity because every time I returned from these “journeys” and opened my eyes, I felt a sudden shift in my state of consciousness.

As time went on, the whole story somehow became clearer to me and the pieces slowly fell into place. Nevertheless, I still had the feeling that I lacked clarity, because every time I returned from these “journeys” and opened my eyes, I felt a sudden shift in my state of consciousness.

In other words: During these “journeys” everything was crystal clear to me, and after the “journey” I remembered that everything was clear to me during the “journey”. But when I came back, I felt like I only had incomplete and foggy memories of everything I had experienced. It was as if I had information stored within me about the experiences I would have during the “journeys”, but I couldn’t fully “replay” them on a conscious level upon my return. For example, this is the feeling when you know without a doubt that you parked your car in a public parking garage and you are aware that you have the information about where you parked it in your memory, but you can’t immediately remember where your car is. I think you’ve experienced something like this at least once. 🙂

This started to bother me in a certain way. I wanted to get more into this story, but deliberately. I already knew the Nestioo symbol and understood (at least to some degree) its function, but I wanted more concrete information that I could access even when I wasn’t on a “journey”.


I’m not sure if it was because of my strong desire or if it just happened at the right time, but over time I realized during my “journeys” (while I was in 5D consciousness) that the increased clarity I had would mostly disappear upon my return to my normal state of consciousness. So I began to look for ways to maintain that clarity upon returning from the “journey”.

Gradually, I discovered a way to create a short distance from myself during the “journey” – 5D Mindfulness 😉 – and use my intention and the Nestioo symbol to send “packets” of specific information into my mental field that I thought was important. I know this sounds very abstract, although I spent over two hours formulating this sentence so that it sounds at least somewhat coherent.

In any case, after returning to my normal state of consciousness, I was able to slowly unpack these “packets” of information and try to turn them into a system suitable for practical application.


This is, of course, only a shortened version of the whole story, but it should at least give you an idea of how it came about. In reality, the whole process was much more complex, and things didn’t always go smoothly and straightforwardly. However, exploring this unusual world was very satisfying and gave me a lot of pleasure – which motivated me to continue researching and experimenting.

And so the processes were born, which I like to summarize under the names Nestioo method and Ooado method. Or rather, this is how the story with these methods began, because I will still need a lot of time to unpack all these “packets” and adapt them so that they sound at least somewhat logical and are prepared in such a way that they are suitable for practical application.


Both methods can currently be learned as part of the EHSP Coach Program, the Nestioo 5D Lab workshop series, the Light Body Alchemy series, or in individual sessions with me.