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Discover the two main reasons why many empaths feel that common strategies and tools for personal development simply don’t work or seem extremely superficial and limited.


You’ve likely heard numerous times that to manifest something you desire, you need to align your vibration with the vibration of that desired outcome.

Whether through the Law of Attraction, a change in mindset, visualization, affirmations, or other common methods, the basic premise remains: The key to manifesting the desired change is to align your vibration with the desired frequency.

Although the basic idea of manifestation might appear straightforward, many empaths find it difficult to put it into practice when they try to do so with the common strategies and tools for personal development.

To be more specific, as I can see from my coaching practice, many empaths simply have difficulty bridging the “vibrational gap” between their current reality and the new reality they want to manifest.

It is too much of a challenge for them to close their eyes and envision themselves in a new reality that they want to experience, to see, taste, feel, touch, and smell the details of this new reality while ignoring the prevailing frequency of their current reality – at least temporarily.

Not only that, for some empaths, focusing on the new, desired reality and its vibrational equivalent only amplifies the undesirable aspects of their existing reality and its dominant frequency.

For the same reason, many empaths tend to view many popular personal development tools as superficial and often have difficulty embracing them wholeheartedly.

This isn’t because these tools are inherently ineffective, but because empaths approach them with an extra-heightened awareness of their current circumstances in life. In other words, part of their consciousness is always awake and alert, directing their attention to the stark contrast between their current circumstances and the change/outcome they want to manifest.


Let me try to explain it from this perspective…

Empaths not only have an extra-heightened awareness of their thoughts and emotions in relation to their current circumstances but also tend to give equal attention and importance (weight) to each of them. This is very important to understand and keep in mind. 

While this trait is an advantage in certain situations, it becomes a disadvantage when they try to “overlook” or push aside thoughts and emotions that are not vibrationally aligned with their goals or aspirations.

In other words, empaths find it difficult to push aside thoughts and emotions that do not match the frequency they want to experience, and this trait largely prevents them from focusing primarily on the emotional state they want to experience.

I hope this makes sense to you.


So, does it mean that empaths are doomed because of that?

Does it mean that empaths are destined to stay within the invisible wall of their existing conditions?

Of course not.

I’m actually over-exaggerating this whole thing a little bit just to make a point: 

As an empath, if you want to bring about the desired changes in your life, it may be more effective to focus directly on changing the subtle energy patterns in your field due to your heightened sensitivity. This approach is much more efficient for empaths than relying solely on common methods such as affirmations, goal setting, visualization and other tools centered around changing thoughts and perspectives and consciously influencing the emotional state.

In other words, it is much easier to make changes directly on the subtle energy level than to change thoughts and emotions. This means that it is easier to work directly with unwanted or outdated subtle energy patterns in your field than to try to change unwanted thoughts and emotions that are already active in your consciousness.


But I also hear the question: if this is the easier way, why doesn’t everyone make the changes this way? Or? Why are the common tools for manifesting change – like visualization, affirmations, goal setting, and so on still being used? Right?

Well, this is because not all people who are interested in personal development are sensitive enough so they can clearly experience the world of subtle energies as real. Only empaths can sense these subtle energies and perceive them as real. 

And not only that…

Playing with the subtle energies is a kind of playground that empaths enjoy the most.

So if a heightened sensitivity to the subtle energies is something you were born with, your innate resource, your strength, why wouldn’t you use it? 

Isn’t life about recognizing your strengths and using them to the best of your ability?

This is exactly where the Nestioo method comes in. In case you don’t know it yet: It’s a system to harnesses the power of your Light Body and high vibrational 5D energy to bring about desired changes and release blocked and outdated energy from it.

Essentially, the Nestioo method is about using the power of your Light Body and the 5D energy to work directly with the subtle energy patterns in your field that PRECEDE the emergence of thoughts and emotions in your conscious mind.

If you want to learn more about the Nestioo Method and the Light Body, click HERE and download a free e-book: Light Body Alchemy; Harnessing the Power of Your Light Body to Transform Your Life and Transmute Low Vibe Energies in Your Field