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After turning forty, many empaths often realize that they carry multiple “realities” (within themselves) that are completely incompatible with each other – at least according to the general understanding of the environment in which they live. They also realize that because of these “incompatible” realities within themselves (which gave them a kind of inner conflict), they often chose in the past to simply do nothing, even though they had the desire to express themselves in a concrete way.

Each of these “incompatible” realities seemed equally interesting to them, and they were not willing to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. They would rather choose “doing nothing” (stagnation) than give up one of these “incompatible” realities.

Until the age of forty, they skillfully conceal this within themselves and tend to express only certain aspects of the “incompatible” realities that are more acceptable to the outside world. They simply keep the other aspects to themselves.

After the age of forty, however, these “incompatible” realities seem to demand equality in terms of “freedom of outward expression”. This is one reason why many empaths only then blossom and allow themselves to express themselves as they deeply desire. They are literally forced to do so by these “incompatible” realities that no longer want to hide, but also want to be outwardly visible.

In this context, I like to jokingly say that empaths generally do not experience a midlife crisis, but rather a “crisis of the first forty years of life.”

It’s important to clarify that the phenomenon I’m talking about doesn’t only affect empaths. What sets empaths apart is that they feel contradictory realities within themselves, all of which are equally important to them. They have a strong sense that they need to externalize each of these realities simultaneously, but these realities are usually incompatible when they’re combined.

Despite numerous attempts to analyze them and look at them from different angles, despite waiting to gain new clarity over time, these realities remain equally important to them — and “incompatible” with each other.

In other words, no matter what they do, who they talk to, and how long they wait, when they add it all up and subtract, they end up realizing that all these realities I’m talking about are still equally important to them. They are more willing to choose “nothing” (stagnation) than to “sacrifice” one of them. The less painful option for them is to let life pass them by rather than choose one of these “realities” at the expense of the others.

I hope my explanation makes sense to you, even though it’s subtle. 


However, if you think about it a bit more, the whole life (and overall lifestyle) of an empath seems quite “incompatible” to those who are not empaths. Empaths realize this very early in life, and that’s why they usually only reveal “incomplete” information about themselves to the outside world.

Basically, empaths already live somewhere between heaven and earth – at least that’s how they feel. Among other things, they have come to earth to create new channels for collective expression. One of the most important aspects of every empath’s soul purpose is to “create” a new hybrid version of themselves based on their unique identity. This new hybrid version of themselves is never something that can be “copied” from the existing situation around them.

Creating a hybrid version of themselves is also one of the biggest challenges in the life of an empath. This is partly because they don’t have an inherent sense of setting boundaries, and they don’t feel like they belong anywhere. This would only prevent them from creating a new hybrid version of themselves.


Therefore, from April 2024, I’m introducing a new process called “Blending” as part of the EHSP Coach Program. The process is based on the Nestioo method and is designed to help participants use the wisdom of their Light Body to create the conditions within themselves to create this new hybrid version of themselves.


 (A brief description)

Analytical Meditation

The first step is to analyse each “incompatible” reality separately and define its key aspects. This part of the process naturally has an analytical approach and is modelled on the style of Tibetan “analytical meditation”.


Next comes the creation of a neutral perception in relation to the key aspects of these situations. In the second part of the process, we apply the Mindfulness methodology of “detachment”.

Light Body

The third part of the process is about activating the Light Body (with the Nestioo method) and “blending” the separated key aspects into the Light Body with the help of the center of the Light Body, which we call the “Sent” (the center of empathy in the Light Body).

But, what is the purpose of this “blending”?

We must not forget that, energetically speaking, empaths live between heaven and earth. This is where their greatest challenges begin, and this is also where the key solutions to their greatest challenges lie. The key connection (which we call the “magical connection” in this process) that is needed to connect the “incompatible” key aspects is not achieved through rational thinking, but through “taking over” from our Light Body.

And what is the Light Body?

We will talk a lot about it in the program…

But until then…

This is the spaceship you’ve been waiting for to finally take you “home” from this strange planet.

Well, not really.

It’s the “home” you want the spaceship to take you to.

In short: it will be fun.

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