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Some wounds in us are so deep that only the frequency of divine Love can reach them. Trying to understand or approach these wounds by thinking, analyzing, or other methods that rely on our intellect/mind as the primary tool for change simply won’t work.

I am talking about wounds that go beyond the effects of conditioning that we acquired in childhood and later in life. I’m talking about the deep-seated soul wounds we carry from past lives.


There are different types of soul wounds. The ones I’m talking about here often show up in our daily lives as unsolvable problems or challenges, and we feel like being in a labyrinth and wondering if there is a way out.

They also show up as repeating experiences we don’t like. Still, it’s hard for us to point the finger at the cause – even if we want to take full responsibility for it. As if some external “force” is keeping us from taking a step forward and moving in the direction we want to go.

When The Deep Soul Wounds Are Ripe For Healing

Of course, not all problems and challenges that seem unsolvable result from deep soul wounds. However, if deep soul wounds are active in your field and have reached a point where they are ready for healing, just reading this text and being open to learning more about them can lead to an intuitive insight into them. You may feel that something within you has been activated and is seeking your attention. You may feel an internal call to a new level of authentic expression and wonder why you didn’t consider this approach earlier.

If you feel this way, know it’s not due to any magic ingredient in this text or embedded codes. If you feel this way, it is only because such wounds are active in your field and are ripe for healing. By being open to learning more about them, you’ve automatically opened your mind to sense them.


Let’s explore the deep soul wounds a bit more…

Deep Soul Wounds Are Not The Same As Traumas

If the deep soul wounds are active and ready to be healed, they will not prevent you from living your usual life. They have nothing to do with the conventional understanding of “childhood trauma” or anything like that. They do not make you dysfunctional in any way. The likelihood of someone noticing them and advising you to do something about them is small. In fact, you can hide your deep soul wounds so subtly that no one will notice them – unless you want them to.

And why?

Because healing such wounds has to be an intentional choice rather than a consequence of life circumstances.

Deep Soul Wounds Are Not The Same As Soul Lessons

Deep soul wounds are not the same as soul lessons. For example, a soul lesson may be hidden in the background when someone is having an extremely tough period. But when we find ourselves in such a situation, we don’t have many options, do we? In such cases, we usually make our decisions out of necessity and to survive.

Soul lessons are something that everyone inevitably encounters; there are no exceptions. However, deep soul wounds are activated only in people who have chosen as their top priority in this incarnation to make a stronger leap towards the awakening of 5D consciousness.

Deep Soul Wounds Patiently Wait For Us To Address Them Consciously

In the TT Mindfulness Program (Level 4), we learned that our soul desires, unlike our ego desires, never put pressure on us to manifest them. They only try to draw our attention to their existence gently so we can recognize them. Unlike ego desires that constantly try to “force” us into their game at any cost, our soul desires wait patiently for our conscious decision to do something about them. Likewise, our deep soul wounds patiently wait for us to address them consciously.

We Find It Difficult To Accept The Idea That We Have Reached A Plateau And That This Is All Life Has To Offer Us

Even though our deep soul wounds may not prevent us from carrying out our daily routines, they tend to manifest themselves in areas of life that are significant to us. Essentially, they arise in areas where it is almost impossible for us to accept that we may have hit a plateau and feel like there is nothing more to gain from life.

We can also look at it from this perspective…

When the deep soul wounds are ripe for healing, you may notice an increasing SENSE OF INNER EMPTINESS. And the longer you put off healing, the deeper and louder the emptiness you feel inside. From an introvert who only occasionally raises his hand and waits patiently for you to address him, this emptiness will gradually turn into a chatterbox who can’t keep her mouth shut. Despite your efforts, you may come to realize that no amount of relationships, status, achievements, or possessions can truly satisfy you. The world around you may seem less real and more like a digital simulation. 


This article is an excerpt from Deep Healing Method; A TT Mindfulness-Based Way To Heal Deep Soul Wounds And Anchor The Frequency Of Love Into Your Energy Field. For further details on the upcoming Deep Healing Workshop, please click HERE.