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Discover a hidden limiting belief that has to do with regretting missed opportunities and how it might hold you back from manifesting your soul’s desires.

Podcast transcript (slightly edited):

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about a hidden limiting belief that has to do with regretting missed opportunities and how it might hold you back from manifesting your soul’s desires.

So, let’s start with the story of a client who couldn’t decide whether to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming a massage therapist. More specifically, she’d been dreaming of becoming a professional shiatsu therapist for many years. But every time she wanted to quit her secure and well-paid job, she immediately came up with all kinds of, you know, reasons or, better to say, excuses, why she shouldn’t make the change she wanted.

Now she’s 42 and realizes that it’s been more than ten years since she took her first shiatsu practitioner course, and she’s still considering whether she has the courage to leave her current job. But that’s not all. After putting off taking practical steps toward manifesting her dream for more than ten years, she now worries that as she grows older, she will regret missed opportunities.

And during our last coaching session, she asked me, “Will I regret missing this opportunity later if I don’t quit my job and open my Shiatsu practice?”

And, you know, I find this question, especially the thought pattern behind it, very interesting because, actually, I often hear it in my coaching practice.

I know that you can look at this topic from many different angles. But today’s episode isn’t about how to be brave and follow your dreams or anything like that. It’s about understanding an important principle describing how people think when they feel bad about missed opportunities.

And that principle says that a person who tends to regret missed opportunities will always find something to regret. Right? In other words: If you tend to regret missed opportunities, you’ll always find something to regret. Period.

So for the client I mentioned earlier, it’s completely irrelevant whether she manifests her dream job in this context.

And that can also refer to any other desire that’s crucial for you. Because if you tend to regret missed opportunities, it means that deep down, you believe that your potential is limited and only available to you for a limited time. In other words, deep in your heart, you believe that your soul won’t help you find a suitable way to express yourself in a particular area of your life once you feel ready. And that’s simply not true.

But please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should be irresponsible when it comes to your desires that have to do with your soul’s purpose. I’m just saying that if you want to manifest your soul stuff, you should do it because you want a certain experience. In other words, you want to manifest it because you came here to do it and make it an essential part of your experience. Right? But don’t put pressure on yourself to manifest it just because you might regret missing it one day because that’s something completely different.

Because the thought that you might miss a certain opportunity and later regret it’s just that: a thought. In other words, it’s just a belief, not a proven fact. And the irony is that even if you manifest everything you’ve ever wanted, you’ll always find something to regret later as long as you hold on to that belief.

So remember this…

The essence of manifesting your dreams or, to be more precise, the essence of manifesting your soul’s desires isn’t primarily about visible and tangible external forms of a certain desire. It’s more about uniquely expressing yourself through certain forms of desire, such as shiatsu massage practice, for example. And keep in mind that whenever you feel ready to start expressing yourself in a certain area of your life from a higher level, you can be sure that your soul will guide you to find the best way and forms to express it because your soul’s potential is unlimited and timeless. And please give up all thoughts that aren’t in line with this idea.

I hope this makes sense to you.