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Here’s a quick idea for you to ponder over your morning espresso ☕️…

Imagine someone trying to slap you right after you wake up or during your morning espresso.

Now imagine someone trying to slap you after you’ve already had your espresso, meditated, stretched, and read motivational literature to prepare you for new victories.

I hope you agree that in the second case, you’d be much better prepared for the “slap” and have a better chance to defend yourself.

Understand that this world operates on a “slap” system. The “slap” represents fear – of everything. The world has to give you a daily dose of fear – in whatever way – to fit you into its matrix. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Without fear, it wouldn’t function the way it does.

So, pay attention to your morning rituals. Before you begin engaging with the world, build a strong foundation for your day.

In short, forget about the news, social media, or anything that has to do with the outside world until you’ve completed your morning rituals that strengthen you and nourish your soul.

In my case, these rituals include prayer/meditation, a short yoga stretch, and drinking my espresso slooowly and in peace ☕️😉, while reading some spiritual literature.

Many people complain about the many “slaps in the face” they receive from the world on a daily basis, but few actively practice appropriate “self-defense” skills and habits.